• Working the Music.jpg
    DJBgoode is busy at work doing what he does best, keeping the crowd of over 500 people moving on the dance floor.
  • Awesome Event Lighting.JPG
    ACWM Loves to create a "lightscape" that delivers the wow factor to go with the music.
  • Before the Wedding Reception.JPG
    Ready and waiting, a wedding reception is about to happen.
  • Behind the Controls.jpg
    Go behind the controls with DJBGoode, see how it is done!
  • Bridal Decor.jpg
    Let the bridal and event consultants at ACWM help design your look and feel for the room.
  • Contact ACWM.JPG
    Call ACWM anytime! We look forward to working with you on building your awesome event!
  • DJ Richard Jeff.JPG
    DJ Richard Jeff is ready to go!
  • DJ Setup 5 Deloitte 12-2013.jpg
    ACWM creates moments that lets you build positive lifetime memories.
  • DJBGoode at a 800+ person event.jpg
    DJBGoode, at the controls for an 800+ person event in downtown Atlanta
  • Fernbank - Before the Prom.JPG
    The calm before the prom. Waiting on over 500 students to dance with the dinosaurs.
  • First Dance.jpg
    The magic of a wedding first dance, this one in a private backyard of a great home.
  • Fundraiser Setup.JPG
    ACWM helps many organizations raise funds for their programs from school events to walks, casino nights, theme parties, and magical events.
  • Lexus with Rodan and Fields Event.JPG
    This awesome former bride met her goals and was awarded a Lexus by Rodan & Fields for her efforts. ACWM celebrated this milestone with her, as we have celebrated many of her milestones.
  • Lightshow with Accents.jpg
    Choose where you want to dance. Will it be under starry skies? Pink highlights? Industrial-looking lighting? With a blank canvas such as this room, your event can look like anything with a few well-placed lighting effects.
  • Movie Night.JPG
    ACWM is excellent family entertainment with movies under the stars and dive-in theater. Games, videos, and a movie make the perfect summer night!
  • Music Programming.JPG
    Music is ACWM's passion and carefully programs what keeps guest happy, engaged, and dancing the night away.
  • Nicole's Wedding.JPG
    This bride had so much fun at her wedding, and had been to many ACWM events before making the call.
  • On the Way!.jpg
    ACWM is on the way to another fun event, and can be on the way to yours with a phone call...
  • Picture booth fun.JPG
    ACWM offers picture booth fun with different backgrounds, props, and totally fun ways to create your own keepsake photos.
  • Prom Dancefloor Packed.JPG
    The prom dancefloor was packed! With 600+ dancing, the dance floor space was totally filled.
  • Prom Fun.JPG
    ACWM proms and formals are just too much fun!
  • Prom with Lighting and Decor.JPG
    One of ACWM's many proms featuring their lighting and decor, creating a totally immersive formal event experience.
  • Proud ILEA member.jpg
    We are proud members of the International Live Events Assoication.
  • Random Wedding Photo. Love the lights and energy!.JPG
    This is a random wedding photo showing the energy in the room and all of the fun against a backdrop of party lighting. The temperature was around 95 degrees because the air conditioning was out of order.
  • Replaced the Jukebox.JPG
    You know the DJ must be excellent when he replaces the jukebox in an establishment.
  • Rustic Wedding.JPG
    Looks like the beginning of a fantastic rustic barn wedding!
  • Same Room, Different Design.JPG
    Here is the same room with a different design with lighting and decor, as personalized for the bride by ACWM.

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Do you need just a DJ, a whole turnkey event, or something in-between? ACWM can provide it all and make your job much easier! Big or small, you will look like a hero to your bosses and employees using ACWM.

Proms and Formals

Working with our friends at Atlantapromdj.com, ACWM delivers an incredible formal night of sight and sound! The playlist is safe, the visuals stunning, and you can look forward to a working relationship that keeps students happy and in awe for years to come!

Awesome Events

This section holds information on the fun events ACWM can do for you! This section covers reunions, pool parties, birthdays, sweet 16, car shows, graduation, elementary and middle school events, and so much more!

Lighting and Design

ACWM uses music, hosting, and announcing to create memories through smart aural execution. So much more is offered visually though carefully crafted lighting design and working with ACWM's stable of design partners. All are award winning and bring excellence to your event. Click here to check out a few examples.

Other Services

ACWM has many bits and items that go into a fully produced event. Would you like colorful uplighting? Video projection? An incredible interactive slideshow not made using MS or subpar software? What about design services? Find information on the picture booth and how to bring it to your event. Emcee, host, game master? Check out the other items ACWM offers for your event.

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Learn about A Celebration with Music! Learn the background of our DJs. Find out about the company itself. Look for videos and reviews. Select information about policies, pricing ranges, and information for common questions can be found here.

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